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The White Man's Last Burden
                          OCCUPY  YOUR  BRAIN.
One of the most profound changes that occurs when modern schooling is introduced into traditional societies around the world is a radical shift in the locus of power and control over learning from children, families, and communities to ever more centralized systems of authority.  While all cultures are different, in many non-modernized societies children enjoy wide latitude to learn by free play, interaction with other children of multiple ages, immersion in nature, and direct participation in adult work and activities.  They may have meaningful responsibilities in the economic life of the family and may be expected to treat elders with respect, but there is often little direct adult control over their individual moment-to-moment movements and choices, and they learn by experience, experimentation, trial and error, by independent observation of nature and human behavior, and through voluntary community sharing of information, story, song, and ritual.  Local elders and community traditions are autonomous and respected as sources of wisdom and practical knowledge, and children are integrated into local livelihoods, knowledge systems, and ethical and spiritual awareness through elegant indigenous pedagogies that have been honed over generations to minimize conflict while effectively transmitting what each child needs to know to be a successfully functioning member of the community

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.The University of Vienna was founded in 1365 and is the oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the largest in Central Europe. At present, about 91,000 students are enrolled in more than 180 courses at the University of Vienna. The University of Vienna is also the largest teaching and research institution in Austria with 9,400 employees, 6,700 of whom are scientists and academics.

Last year, I decided to spend the third year of my degree at another European university, eventually settling on Universitaet Wien (Vienna University). The advantages of studying in Vienna include fabulous mooting and dispute resolution opportunities (including representing Austria in a worldwide international arbitration competition that takes place in Vienna itself, along with New York and Belgrade) and opportunities to study intensive M&A courses at a Viennese law firm (Wolf Theiss), which would of course boost the knowledge, insight and CVs of those seeking vacation schemes and training contracts for their return to the UK.

Vienna International Centre (which is located a short distance from the University) also houses many branches of the United Nations, and studying here entails visits to the UN to learn about crime prevention on an international scale. There is also an opportunity (of which I hope to take advantage myself) to be a part of the Austrian delegation to an annual meeting discussing developments in Outer Space law. The presence and accessibility of the UN represents a unique opportunity to delve further into international law. Even if that is not your chosen career destination, it will make you a more broadly educated candidate and, at the very least, give you something to talk about at interview.

Quantum physics mimics spooky action into the past
Physicists of the group of Anton Zeilinger have demonstrated that the decision whether two particles were in an entangled quantum state can be made even after these particles have been measured and may no longer

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